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Course CodeTitlePDFSubjectDateStart TimeEnd TimeSpeakersCurrent FeeCe HoursStatus
C101A Grow or Die 719.03 KB Practice Management02-20-20149:00 AM12:00 PMDavid Ahearn , Wendy Briggs $90.003.00Open
C101B Grow or Die Continuation of C101A 719.01 KB Practice Management02-20-20141:30 PM4:30 PMDavid Ahearn , Wendy Briggs $90.003.00Open
C102A Achieving Perfection: Proven Materials, Techniques Dental Materials02-20-20149:00 AM12:00 PMAlan Boghosian $90.003.00Open
C102B Achieving Perfection: Proven Materials, Techniques Continuation of C102A Dental Materials02-20-20141:30 PM4:30 PMAlan Boghosian $90.003.00Open
C103A What's New in Caries, Restorative, and Laser Perio Treatments General Dentistry02-20-20149:00 AM12:00 PMRella Christensen $90.003.00Open
C103B What's New in Caries, Restorative, and Laser Perio Treatments Continuation C103A General Dentistry02-20-20141:30 PM4:30 PMRella Christensen $90.003.00Open
C104A Avoid Liability: Know Your Patient 390.54 KB Pharmacology02-20-20148:00 AM11:00 AMHarold Crossley $90.003.00Open
C104B Avoid Liability: Know Your Patient Continuation of C104A 353.95 KB Pharmacology02-20-20141:00 PM4:00 PMHarold Crossley $90.003.00Open
C105A Treating Special Needs Patients 458.98 KB Special Needs Patients02-20-20149:00 AM12:00 PMHarvey Levy $90.003.00Open
C105B Treating Special Needs Patients Continuation of C105A 459.00 KB Special Needs Patients02-20-20141:30 PM4:30 PMHarvey Levy $90.003.00Open
C106 Dispelling the CSI Effect Myth 681.18 KB Forensic Dentistry02-20-20149:00 AM12:00 PMAnthony Rick Cardoza , Amber Riley $90.003.00Open
C107 Ninety Highly Useful Tips in 3 Hours General Dentistry02-20-20149:00 AM12:00 PMGordon Christensen $90.003.00Sold Out
C108 Perio Patient Information Management 936.69 KB Periodontics02-20-20149:00 AM12:00 PMTimothy Donley $90.003.00Open
C109 A 360 Degree Slam Dunk Guide for Successful Teams 198.50 KB Communications02-20-20149:00 AM12:00 PMMark Hyman $90.003.00Open
C110 Orthodontist's Role in Seeking Interdisciplinary Excellence Orthodontics02-20-20149:00 AM12:00 PMAshok Kothari $90.003.00Open
C111 Emergency Medicine: Cardiac Emergencies, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Educational funding provided by HealthFirst 7.02 MB Medical Emergencies02-20-20149:00 AM12:00 PMStanley Malamed $90.003.00Open
C112 CBCT Imaging We Can All Use Radiology02-20-20149:00 AM12:00 PMDale Miles $90.003.00Open
C113 Ergonomics, Effective Patient Care 301.52 KB Ergonomics02-20-20149:00 AM12:00 PMTricia Osuna $90.003.00Open
C114 But Aren't They Just Baby Teeth? 274.36 KB Pediatric Dentistry02-20-20149:00 AM12:00 PMGregory Psaltis $90.003.00Open
C115 Best Methods to Restore Single Teeth Restorative Dentistry02-20-20141:30 PM4:30 PMGordon Christensen $90.003.00Open
C116 Advances and Adventures Managing Traumatic Dental Injuries Repeated as C219R1 Friday afternoon 805.31 KB Dental Trauma02-20-20141:30 PM4:30 PMAnthony DiAngelis $90.003.00Open
C117 Better Perio Outcomes Through Host Modulation and Nutrition 689.43 KB Periodontics02-20-20141:30 PM4:30 PMTimothy Donley $90.003.00Open
C118 Top Game Changers of 2014 Communications02-20-20141:30 PM4:30 PMMark Hyman $90.003.00Sold Out
C119 Local Anesthetics: Dentistry's Most Important Drugs 4.34 MB Anesthesia02-20-20141:30 PM4:30 PMStanley Malamed $90.003.00Open
C120 Soft Drink Junkies and Health 2.60 MB Nutrition02-20-20141:30 PM4:30 PMAnne Nugent Guignon $90.003.00Open